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OPS5: RETE-based expert system shell.

This directory contains the original public domain implementation of an OPS5 interpreter written by Charles L. Forgy and ported to Common Lisp by George Wood and Jim Kowalski. Also included is an updated version with several bug fixes and ports by Mark Kantrowitz. Charles Forgy, the inventor of Rete and OPS5, has a company that sells RAL (Rule-extended Algorithmic Language), a high-performance C-based expert systems tool. RAL uses a more efficient match algorithm called Rete II and was designed to permit seamless integration of rules and objects into C programs. RAL is a superset of C. RAL rules can operate directly on the data types used by the C code in your application. RAL "understands" C type declarations, function prototypes, #define constants, and so on. C expressions, statements, macros, function calls, and so on can be embedded directly in the rules. RAL has an open architecture that permits it to be used with any GUI builder, data base library, or other library that can be used with C. No bridges are required. For efficiency, RAL rules are compiled into C code. A special version of the language, called RAL/RT, adds the features that are required for real-time expert systems. RAL and RAL/RT have a multi-windowed, point-and-click development environment called the RAL Workbench. RAL and RAL/RT are available for DOS, MS Windows, OS/2, and UNIX. License fees for development systems are available on request. There are no run-time fees charged for distributing applications developed using RAL. For information about RAL, write Production Systems Technologies, Inc., 5001 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15213, call 412-683-4000, or fax 412-683-6347.

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Requires: Common Lisp Copying: Public Domain CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mark Kantrowitz Author(s): Charles L. Forgy, George Wood, Jim Kowalski, Mark Kantrowitz Contact: Mark Kantrowitz Keywords: Authors!Forgy, Expert System Shells, Lisp!Code, OPS5!Lisp, RETE Contains: ops5_fj/ Some versions of OPS5 from Japan. ops5_cl.tgz Newer port/bug-fix by Mark Kantrowitz ops5orig.tgz Original Common Lisp port of OPS5. References: ?
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