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LTI PhD Thesis Proposal Paul Placeway
Winter Recess
University Offices Closed
University Offices Closed
Final Grades Due by 4 p.m.
University Offices Closed
Final Grades Mailed to Students
New Year's Day
Today is: 1/11/11
Winter Recess Ends
University Back in Session; Classes Begin
Martin Luther King Day; No Afternoon Classes
SCS Distinguished Lecture Series Stephen Smale
SEI Seminar John Knight
Cancellation: SCS Distinguished Lecture Series Pattie Maes
University Lecture Series Lowry Burgess
Robotics Seminar Russell H. Taylor
CALD Seminar Thorsten Joachims
HCII Seminar Series Warren Thorngate, CMU
IBM Austin Research Lab: Overview / Information Session Charles LeFurgy
Verizon Information Session
SCS Distinguished Lecture Series Michael Levine
Inktomi Presentation / Information Session
Kanade's Vision Technology Used In Super Bowl Playbacks
LTI Special Seminar Satoshi Sato & Sadao Kurohashi