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Title Datesort ascending Speaker's Name and Website Event Type
Machine Learning in Medicine ALAN KARTHIKESALINGAM Seminars
Theory Lunch Seminar DANIEL ANDERSON Seminars
IOT@CyLab Webinar YORIE NAKAHIRA Seminars
Vision and Autonomous Systems Seminar JUDY HOFFMAN Seminars
SCS Partnerships: Fall Open Office Hour Meeting
Institute for Politics and Strategy Forum A Conversation with GENERAL H.R. McMASTER Colloquium
BLOOMBERG: AI Tech Talk Discovery: Question Answering and Autocompletion in the Bloomberg Terminal Career Presentation
CMU Faculty Dialogues Building The Future Through Science Alumni Event
Artificial Intelligence Seminar JEREMY COHEN Seminars
Machine Learning / Duolingo Seminar PHILIPP KRÄHENBÜHL Seminars
Vaccination (Second Dose) Database Seminar EDO LIBERTY Seminars
Human-Computer Interaction Thesis Proposal HAOJIAN JIN Thesis Proposals
Statistics & Data Science Seminar AMY WILLIS Seminars
Software Research Seminar CHRISTOPHER MEIKLEJOHN Talks
Lockheed Martin: First Virtual Computer Science Challenge Land the Mission Career Center Event
TWO SIGMA Undergraduate Scholarship (3rd / 4th Year) Application Deadline: Friday, 29 October 2021 Career Center Event
Studio for Creative Inquiry Book Launch Spooky Technology Talks
SCS Halloween Party! Costumes Welcomed! Fun
Robotics Seminar SIDDHARTH SRIVASTAVA Seminars
Theory Seminar JESS BANKS Seminars
Human-Computer Interaction Institute Seminar TOM HOPE Seminars
Language Technologies Institute Colloquium LEIBNY PAOLA GARCIA PERERA Colloquium
ENAiBLE Roundtable Harnessing Customer Feedback Data to Measure Your CX Efforts Panel Discussion
The Joint CMU-Pitt Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology and the Department of Computational and Systems Biology Seminar RAHUL SATIJA Seminars
ECE Graduate Seminar ION STOICA Seminars