12<sup>th</sup> Annual Different Color Hair Day

  • Wean Hall
  • Entrance and<br>Doherty Hall Entrance
Join us for the 12th Annual Different Color Hair Day to benefit the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief*.

What is it?
Bleah, color, dye, spray, streak your hair...or just wear a wig. Spray on color will be provided to walk-ins.

Professor Messner's donation challenge:
1-499 ‰ÛÒ $.50 per participant
500-999 ‰ÛÒ $1.00 per participant
1000 or more ‰ÛÒ $2.00 per participant

last year there were over 800 participants.
Let's break 1000 this year!

*All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross of Japan.

For More Information, Please Contact: 
Catherine Copetas, copetas@cs.cmu.edu