18-549: Embedded Systems Design Capstone

  • Cohon University Center
  • Rangos Ballroom
Project Presentations

This year's projects include:

  • AquaOS- A robotic fishtank that takes care of your aqua pets when you can't
  • Pancake Picasso- Color pancake printer that proves food tastes better when it looks good
  • Opsis- Blind navigation with depth sensors and image recognition
  • Laura- A location-aware replacement system for pagers in hospitals
  • Tinkl- Stay hydrated with this Internet connected urinal tablet for health analytics
  • Pill Popper- The future of regulated medication
  • Project 3rd Eye- Location-aware construction safety system
  • Lumberjack- Acceleration-based key logger
  • Smart Sleeper- A sleeping mask that tracks your sleep cycles
  • StreamFi- Acoustic liquid-level monitoring
  • Smart Utility Pole- City-wide energy-harvesting power distribution monitoring system
  • Teletouch- Reach out and touch someone over the Internet
  • Project Runway- Versatile and portable sports analytics sensor
  • Praxicam- A new take on the Praxinoscope for millennial hipsters
  • PSTR- A chair that judges your PoSTuRe without the vowels 
  • Finer Dining- Restaurant optimization through a smart placemat
  • RLColor- Generate paint of any color on demand and at home
  • Slap Screen- Next generation portable compute platform
  • Minnesoda Third Skin- Make VR feel more real with a comfortable exoskeleton glove
  • UrbanSense- Turning Pittsburgh’s buses into a data collection platform
  • Occulow- Low-power real-time crowd sensing
  • AcoustiCam- A camera that finally lets you see sound
  • Mike’s Magic Meme Mirror - Interactive bathrooms mirrors make getting ready in the morning way more fun

Hosts: Anthony Rowe and the Embedded Capstone Team

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