SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES: Tech Talk and Information Session

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Sandia National Laboratories’ roots lie in World War II’s Manhattan Project, which built the world’s first atomic bombs. Our history reflects the changing national security needs of postwar America. Although Sandia originated as a single-mission engineering organization for nonnuclear components of nuclear weapons, today it is a multiprogram laboratory engaging in research supporting a broad spectrum national security issues, including Nuclear Weapons, Defense Systems & Assessments, Energy & Climate and Global Security. Additionally, Sandia has chosen to invest in the following research foundations: Bioscience, Computing and Information Science, Engineering Science, Geoscience, Materials Science, Nanodevices and Microsystems, as well as Radiation Effects and High Energy Density Science. Recently, Sandia is No.1 in Aerospace and Defense and No. 20 overall in the Forbes survey America’s Best Employers.

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