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Thesis Proposals

External Factors in Sustainability of Open Source Software

Since the conception of Open Source development model few decades ago, it became an indispensable part of software system. These days, it dominates many important markets and used in many critical applications. However, Open Source Software comes without any warranties and often exposes software systems to new risks. As a mitigation strategy, one can assess sustainability of an Open Source project before reusing it in a system. Such assessment, however, often fails to address unique challenges inherent for Open Source Software, related to factors external to the assessed project. This proposal aims to address this gap by offering several studies of external sustainability factors in Open Source Software and informing interventions to support such projects.

Thesis Committee:
James Herbsleb (Co-Chair)
Bogdan Vasilescu (Co-Chair)
Audris Mockus (University of Tennessee)
Vladimir Filkov (University of California, Davis)

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