HCII Seminar Series

  • Manu Kumar
  • Founder, President and CEO of SneakerLabs, Inc.

Shared-browser interface for collaborative environments

Several years and years of research have gone into designing "usable" collaborative environments. There have been many different approaches all the way from using MUD/MOOs through to building VR environments to model real-life collaboration. The purpose of this talk is not to propose an ideal solution or a silver bullet, but to investigate the paradigms of creating highly usable and easy to use collaborative environments.In order to set the stage for this discussion, we will begin with a demonstration of SneakerLabs' iMeet: a patent-pending shared-browser interface for collaborative environments, accompanied by a discussion about some of the issues and principles that were considered during the design of iMeet. This demonstration will be followed by an open forum to discuss and critique the design based on the principles for intuitiveness and ease of use.
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