LTI seminar

  • Eric Nyberg
  • Assistant Professor

Integrated Information Management

Most current IR research is focused on specific tasks and technologies(e.g. filtering, classification, entity extraction, etc.). There isrelatively little research on merging multiple technologies intosophisticated applications, due in part to the high cost ofintegrating independently-developed modules. In this talk, we presentthe Integrated Information Management (IIM) architecture for rapidcomponent-based development of IR applications. IIM allows flexibleconfiguration of pre-existing modules, so that novel applications canbe created on the fly without the need for additional recompilation.IIM includes a library of reusable components, as well as aninteractive interface which is used to assemble and tune newapplications. The talk will be followed by a demonstration of the current Javaimplementation of the IIM system, which includes component librariesfor named-entity association, filtering and annotation, and simplequestion answering tasks.
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