Software Research Seminar Talk

  • Newell-Simon Hall
  • Mauldin Auditorium 1305
  • Professor
  • Institute for Software Research
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Interdisciplinary Programming Language Design

Traditional programming language design approaches center around theoretical and performance-oriented evaluation. Recently, researchers have been considering more approaches to language design, including the use of quantitative and qualitative user studies that examine how different designs might affect users. We argue for an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates many different methods in the creation and design of programming languages. We show how the addition of user-oriented design techniques can be helpful at many different stages in the programming language design process. This presentation is based on the following draft paper, on which my co-authors and I welcome comments.

Michael Coblenz, Jonathan Aldrich, Joshua Sunshine, and Brad Myers, Interdisciplinary Programming Language Design.  2018.  Draft available.

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