Technology Consulting in the Global Community: Geeks on a Mission!

  • Teaching Professor, Heinz School and Dietrich Department of Information Systems
  • and Founder and DIrector, Technology Consulting in the Global Community Program
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Career Presentation

Overview and Information on Technology Consulting in the Global Community

Each summer Carnegie Mellon students fan out across the world to work with people who really need their help. These students could be working at well-compensated summer jobs on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley, but their skills are badly needed by others. So they donate their summer vacations to work in far-off places.Students work as professional consultants, peers to the top people in client organizations, and, for many of them, it’s their first real-world professional experience. The clients get top-notch professional assistance, and the students get knowledge not available in any classroom.

Everyone wins.

CMU students have helped developing nations by building web sites, creating databases, and building wireless networks. And they’ve worked in Asia, Africa, South America, Pacific islands, and even in Alaska. In its 14 year history, CMU students have helped developing nations by building web sites, databases, tablet apps, networks, and more. They build sustainable solutions to solve real problems. E.g. they helped the 2nd largest civil engineering firm in Rwanda improve their project management practices by standardizing the Excel templates they use.

Every student, whether working in Rwanda or Palau, comes away with unforgettable memories. When the consulting projects are complete, clients are happy, and the students are happy, too. They’ve had the benefit of living and working in a foreign country immersed in exotic languages and cultures. And they’ve done important work. Some of them say “This was the best part of my university education.” Others say it was a life-changing experience that changed the direction of their careers -- and even their lives.

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