Software Research Seminar: Talk 2

  • Newell-Simon Hall
  • Mauldin Auditorium 1305
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Ph.D. Program in Software Engineering, Institute for Software Research
  • Carnegie Mellon University

A Turing Test for Genetic Improvement

Genetic improvement (GI) is a research field that aims to develop search-based techniques for improving existing code. GI has been used to automatically repair bugs, reduce energy consumption, and to improve run-time performance. In this talk, I will reflect on the often-overlooked relationship between GI and developers within the context of continually evolving software systems. I will introduce a distinction between transparent and opaque patches based on their intended lifespan and developer interaction. Finally, I will outline a Turing test for assessing the ability of a GI system to produce opaque patches that are acceptable to humans.

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