11-634: Master of Computational Data Science Capstone " Half-Time" Poster Session

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • Collaborative Commons - 6th Floor
Project Presentations

This year's presentations include 21 projects by teams and individual students (61 total students) that  cover the widest spectrum of topics of all MCDS cohorts so far, ranging from various kinds of language/text and image analysis to 3D reinforcement learning, analysis of sociodemographic data, and data science related computer systems. Project mentors include faculty from inside and outside of SCS.

Project Teams and Topics

Multimodal Models of Expressivity and Affect in Psychosis
Victoria Lin

Visually Exploring Data Through Natural Language Dialog
Linyi Chen, Siang Gao, Zixin Yao

Active Learning for Social Media Question Answering
Ruoping Dong, Wenyan Hu, Longxiang Zhang, Zhihao Zhou

Code-Mixed Conversational System for Hindi Movies
Sahitya Potluri, Aishwarya Reganti, Shaleen Kumar Gupta, Harsh Lara

Disk-Reliability Heterogeneity in Cluster Storage System
— Jiaan Dai, Jiaqi Zuo, Jiongtao Ye, Sai Kiriti Badam, Xuren Zhou

Accelerated Cloud for AI (ACAI)
— Dachi Chen, Weitian Ding, Chen Liang, Chang Xu, Junwei Zhang

Extract Tabular Data from documents
Haoran Shi

Identifying Mining Sites in Conservation Areas from Satellite Imagery
Endong Zhu, Wenping Wang

An Approach Towards Automating the Extraction of Higher-Order Strategies
Yikai Feng, Yinuo Pan, Wen He

Concurrent hybrid index for main-memory database system
Xiaoxuan Liu

3D Visual Reinforcement Learning
Alex Haig, Yash Chandarana

Predicting the Reversal Likelihood of Board of Veterans Appeals Decisions
Dahua Gan, George Xu, Lucen Zhao

Intriguing Properties of Contextual Word Embeddings
Punit Singh Koura, Divyansh Agarwal, Vivek Pandit

Data Analytics and Exploration for Distressed Communities
Akanksha Kartik, Bryan Chang, Yuwei Qiu

Semi-supervised Macromolecule Structural Classification in Cellular Electron Cryo-Tomograms using 3D Autoencoder
Siyuan Liu, Fuya Xu, Rong Xi

Exploiting Disk-Reliability Heterogeneity in Cluster Storage System
Jiaan Dai, Jiaqi Zuo, Jiongtao Ye, Sai Kiriti Badam, Xuren Zhou

Project ATLAS: Analysis of Traces for Large-scale Application Scheduling
Chengze Fan, Mengliang Lyu, Minghua Deng

Query-by-Example Speech Search for Low-resource Language
Peeraya Maetasatidsuk, Guoxi Zhang

Morphological analysis and lemmatization in context for low resource languages
Pin-jung Chen, Keita Kurita, Mengzhou Xia, Tianwei Yue

Medical Image Analysis
Jiaming Bai, Zhuojun Hou, Fan Qian, Keyi Yu

Memory Allocators in Main-Memory Database Management Systems
Yesheng Ma

All are  invited to come enjoy the poster session and discuss the project work with students!

With a special: Matthias Grabmair Farewell - 11:00 am

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