18-500 Project Demonstrations

Project Presentations

18-500 is one of the final requirements of the ECE undergraduate curriculum. In this class, students spend a semester working on their design skills and applying them to a project. Teams of three students have been working diligently (mostly) all semester and will be showing off their creations. This semester's demonstration is truly an extravaganza! We have 47 teams (yep, 141 students) demonstrating. Projects run the gamut including: robotics, embedded systems, Internet of Things devices, and machine learning systems. Application areas area also quite wide, including: sports, medicine, home appliances, security systems, and entertainment.

Complete Project list

This year, Apple has sponsored some fantastic prizes and are sending some engineers to meet the teams. The top teams will be invited to a luncheon in Apple's office spaces and asked to show off their projects via video-link to Apple's Cupertino campus. We are very grateful to Apple for their support of 18-500.

Faculty Host: Bill Nace

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