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AI, NLP, and other Buzzwords: The Future of Finance

Finance is changing: With AI, Liquidnet is changing it.

In the past, every link in the chain of investing was a person talking to another person in order to make the decision to buy or sell. Today, every step of the investment process is under pressure to deliver value in the face of shrinking margins, reduced resources, and commoditized market information.

Through its acquisition of Prattle and use of other leading-edge technologies, Liquidnet delivers technology solutions that disrupt the most human steps in the investment process by leveraging cutting edge Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Through Liquidnet, humans evolve from being an inefficient link in the chain, to value-added leaders of a complete AI investment ecosystem; raising the bar of what AI can achieve in finance.

Bill is the founder and CTO of Prattle (A Liquidnet Company) and leads  data science product development at Liquidnet where he leverages his expertise in NLP and AI across investment and research automation. He is published in multiple disciplines including economics, communications, public health, political science, and is the co-author of How the Fed Moves Markets. In addition, Bill has worked as a data scientist in Fortune 100 companies focusing on genomics and fraud detection, and other topics. Prior to launching his career in FinTech, Bill held teaching posts at University of Michigan (where he earned his PhD) and Washington University in St. Louis.

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