SCS Day Logo Competition!


The SCS Day Logo Competition is open!

For those who don't know, SCS Day is the pride day for the School of Computer Science! It is a great way to celebrate the talents and passion of our fellow SCS members!   This year, SCS Day will be on 26 February 2021! Despite the current circumstances, we are still planning to have a fun event that everyone can participate in!  The theme this year is Around the World!

if you would like to be a part of making this event awesome, submit a logo!  The logo should include our SCS Dragon, involve the theme (somehow), and the dragon should be wearing a mask - but otherwise take full creative reign***!  We are looking forward to seeing some awesome submissions from our SCS community!

New Submission Deadline   ⇒  30 November 2020
⇔ In anticipation of the Holidays and end of hybrid programming on campus, the deadline was extended, to enable everyone an opportunity to submit their designs post holiday.

Questions and Submissions

**Please limit the design to 3 colors.