The Future of Cancer Research at Carnegie Mellon University

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Panel Discussion

Join CMU virtually on Monday, 19 April 2021 for roundtable presentations from CMU faculty immersed in computational cancer research and learn about our plans for the future.

Cancer research is entering a new era marked by an explosion in data. Future methods for diagnosing, treating and even curing cancers will be discovered through foundational research using computational and computationally assisted approaches to cancer research. Individual researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are world leaders in their respective sub-disciplines of computational cancer research.

We have launched the Computational Cancer initiative to coordinate the efforts of the CMU community of cancer researchers. The mission for this initiative is to develop the biological knowledge, biotechnology, and computational theory and tools needed to understand the complexity of oncogenesis and tumor progression in the era of data-driven cancer research. Projected outcomes include new tools and techniques for improving diagnostics for early detection; intelligent drug discovery and validation; and advanced precision genomic medicine for optimal treatment regimens for each patient.

Guest Speakers

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