Software Research Seminar

  • Gates Hillman Center and Livestream
  • 4215
  • Short Talks

5 Short Talks plus 1

  • Ben Gafford — Ph.D. Student, Software Engineering  ⇒  Towards improved testing for open-source autonomous vehicle software
  • Luke Dramko — Ph.D. Student, Software Engineering  ⇒  Decompilation with Domain-Aware Variable Name Predictions
  • Joshua Sunshine — Senior Research Fellow, ISR  ⇒  PL and HCI: Better Together
  • Claire Le Goues —  Associate Professor, ISR  ⇒  COBOLd: Gobblin’ Up COBOL Bugs for Fun and Profit
  • Rohan Padhye — Assistant Professor, ISR  ⇒  On the Origin of Programs
  • Mary Shaw — Alan J. Perlis University Professor of Computer Science, ISR  ⇒  Winning the Rankings Game ... counting vs thinking (SIGBovik paper)

Livestream offered for off-campus guests.

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