CMU Puzzle Hunt Club Presents: CS Hunt

Career Presentation

A new CS-themed puzzlehunt! 

  • Solve puzzles!
  • Win prizes!
  • No prior puzzle experience required!

Puzzlehunt CMU is schedule for Saturday, February 23 (the day after SCS Day)!  Teams of up to 6 people can participate and solve puzzles delivered through the hunt website, Each puzzle is thematically related to a famous (or infamous) course or assignment and may include logic problems, word play, or interactive digital challenges. 

From manipulating images to diffusing bombs, you’ll be able to relive fond memories (or redeem past failures) from your time in SCS. The puzzles are written specifically to accommodate first-time puzzlers, so if you’ve never done a hunt before, this is a great chance to see what they’re all about.

Participation is free, pizza dinner will be served courtesy of Dropbox. Prizes will awarded to all teams that complete the hunt.

More information  an example puzzle, and registration details...

Open to all majors.


For More Information, Please Contact: