LET'S TALK: After Carnival (The Alumni (Only) Edition)

  • Roberts Engineering Hall
  • Singleton Room
  • PANEL DISCUSSION and Informal Gathering with SCS/ECE Masters Students
Career Presentation

Alumni in ECE and SCS...

We welcome you to join us on the Sunday (after Carnival wraps up) for a Brunch, Panel Discussion, and Informal Gathering with our Masters students.  As alums, we know you have great perspectives on life after CMU, the realities of the work world, and some valuable insights on what Masters students should be concerned with and focused on as they explore and begin their professional lives.  And we know you'll be candid.  You are working, represent companies or industries, and know what's ahead for current students.

Since we are lucky enough to have you on campus for the weekend, let's talk one last time before you head back to your own work!  Meet our students while sharing your thoughts and company perspectives. While the event is casual, we know the content will be welcomed and impactful.

Carnival Weekend is rich with special pogramming, talks, special lectures, updates on campus,  anECE/SCS Alumni Lunch, Buggy Races, Mobot Races (note, alumni are permitted to enter the races) and more.   Let's make it all the more special by meeting our masters students.

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