LET'S TALK: The Fall Edition!

  • A Late Afternoon Career Event for Recruiters and Students
Career Presentation

SCS & ECE share and connect through the computer and the critical engineering sciences involved.  So do companies.  We approach the machine and the sciences of computing and hardware from our various and unique perspectives and needs.   But our faculty and students work and study across divisions, as computing and engineering have no singular master. Our best ideas and projects come from working together.

We invite our corporate liaisons to join us again: to see where we learn, conduct research, explore our fields, and grow as scientists, engineers and individuals. An early dinner will be on-going.

  • Let's Talk...again about Careers, Getting Jobs, Your Work, Our Work,  Job Realities...
  • Let's Talk... again with our ECE & SCS Undergraduate Students to see what they are doing.
  • And Let's Talk, Too about the excitement ahead.

We look forward to seeing friends, meeting new colleagues and, of course, talking!


Attire is very casual.  This is the Sunday after HackCMU (! - contact us for more information) and the day before the campus-wide career fair.  All we'll need is you and the students.

Shipping Address:
School of Computer Science
ATTN: Catherine (COMPANY NAME-Let's Talk)
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue / GATES 6105
Pittsburgh PA  15213

Parking: Campus parking is very limited, owing the large number of construction projects and normal demands in our area. Please visit the East Campus Garage (corner of Forbes Avenue and Beeler Streets - adjacent to the Athletic Fields) for available spaces.  We do recommend pre-shipping critical materials if needed.

Interactive Campus Map

For More Information, Please Contact: 

lets-talk@cs.cmu.edu or call us at: 412.268.8525