Let's Talk! Again - Part I - To Be Rescheduled

  • And Let's Meet Again (after so long)!
Career Presentation

SCS & ECE share and connect through the computer and the critical engineering sciences involved.  So do companies.  We approach the machine and the sciences of computing and hardware from our various and unique perspectives and needs.   But our faculty and students work and study across divisions, as computing and engineering have no singular master. Our best ideas and projects come from working together.

And after the past 1.5+ years - we have learned so much, dabbled and embraced so many tools/technologies, and haved found a way to stay a community remotely.  As a reult, we have re-engineered Let's Talk! for Fall 2021.

We invite our corporate liaisons to join us again:  to meet our students again. We hope to introduce to our students: to help you understand more about their background, their research interests, and how they evolved and grown as scientists, engineers and individuals.

  • Let's Talk ... about their careers, aspirations and work.
  • Let's Talk ... and listen to what our ECE & SCS Undergraduate Students are doing.
  • And Let's Talk, Again ... about the excitement ahead.

We look forward to seeing friends, meeting new colleagues and, of course, finding ways to keep talking!


Attire is very casual :)  The event is Virtual.

Contact us for more information!  Let's Talk will be held on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening, 19-20 September 2021 and  prior to the campus-wide technical career fair on 21-22 September 2021.

All we'll need is you and the students.  There is no fee.

What to Expect?  Undergraduate students from SCS and ECE only.  This is not an event for Masters or PhD students.  We have many other mechanisms for you to meet our graduate students throughout the year.  Consider this the start: career week is just the tip of a long, extended term brimming with activities!

Set-Up:  Zoom!  →  We will send links as the date approaches to those registered.

  • 3:00 pm → We begin!
  • 6:30 pm → Rest!  The year has started ... and we'll be back tomorrow.

Hungry?   Sadly, no gathering this term!  But sit back, relax and enjoy the event.

From all of us - thank you (!)  for an amazing couple of years.  We are appreciative of all the creativity, re-engineering and re-thinking that you have put into the recruiting process!

For More Information, Please Contact: