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Windows 10 and Privacy: Words Matter

With the transition to a cloud based world, Windows has changed from being software to becoming a service. This change has created a significant privacy outcry from consumers and regulators. In this talk, I discuss some of the privacy issues along with solutions being implemented in Windows.

Janice Tsai (EPP 2009) is a privacy manager on the Windows Privacy team. In her role, she supports OOBE (out of box experience), the Windows Location Platform, IoT, and many others. At CMU as a student of Lorrie Cranor’s, Janice's research focused on salient privacy information and privacy concerns and how they impacted consumer decision-making and use of location-based services. Janice has also spent time working in the California Senate as a California Council of Science & Technology (CCST) Technology Fellow, at the National Academy of Engineering as a National Academies Mirzayan Science and Technology Graduate Fellow, and at the NJ Legislature and New Jersey Division of Elections.

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