Inaugural Alan J. Perlis Fun Lecture in Computer Science

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • Rashid Auditorium 4401
  • Author and Speaker
Distinguished Lecture Series

The Dance of the Possible: when creativity, fun and technology collide

In our jobs and our studies we work with ideas all day long - but is there a better way to think about ideas? This entertaining and provocative talk will teach you timeless patterns and useful insights from the history of technology that can help you be more creative and productive in your own work. From the surprising origins of big ideas we take for granted, to developing creative confidence and getting better feedback from others, this lecture will change how you think about creative thinking.

Scott Berkun is a bestselling author and popular speaker on creativity, philosophy, culture, business and many other subjects. He’s the author of six books, including:  The Myths of Innovation,  Confessions of a Public Speaker, and The Year Without Pants. His work has appeared, or been mentioned, in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, Wired magazine, USA Today, Fast Company, National Public Radio, The Huffington Post and other media.

Born and raised in Queens, NYC, he studied philosophy, computer science and design at Carnegie Mellon University, was a manager at Microsoft (’94-’03) and (’10-’12), taught creativity at the University of Washington, was a co-host of CNBC’s The Business of Innovation TV show, is named on 5 U.S. patents, blogs for Harvard Business and BusinessWeek, and has appeared as an expert on various subjects on CNN, CNBC, NPR and MSNBC. He’s also the MC and speaker coach for Ignite Seattle, a finalist in the Amtrak 2014 writer’s residency program and the director of the short film We Make Seattle.

His latest business book, The Dance of The Possible, launched on March 2017.

Booksigning: Copies of Scott's books will be available at the lecture for signature and great enjoyment.

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