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Panel Discussion

Robotics, Pittsburgh and the Future of Work

What is the future of work? While some are sounding the alarm bell about the likelihood that American workers will soon be replaced by robots, at the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, Suzy Teele argues that there will be manufacturing jobs in the future—they will just be different jobs. Join us for this spirited conversation about when, and whether, we should be worried about the end of work.

Panelists include:

  • Eric Fuchs - Professor, Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon Univesrity
  • Mark Kamlet - Professor, Economics and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Justin Laing - Founder of the non-profit consulting firm Hillombo, LLC (HNZ ‘10)
  • Alex Pazuchanics - The Mayor’s Office of Pittsburgh (HNZ ‘17)
  • Suzy Teele - Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute
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