18-755 Networks in the Real World Poster Session

Project Presentations
  • Want to know how to make a successful petition to Congress?
  • Want to know how to predict poverty from satellite pictures?
  • Want to know how to stop crim in Oakland?
  • Want to know how to improve the health of your gut?
  • Want to know which coffee shop on campus is the most popular & at what times?

Then come to the 18-755 Poster Session!

Group 1 Topics:

  • Criminality Networks
  • Networks and Dynamics of Political Discussion
  • Social Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SocialSLAM)
  • Social Network Reconstruction from Partial Information
  • Inferring Gene Networks
  • Multilayer Microbial Networks
  • Biological Networks Attack

Group 2 Topics:

  • Deep Learning and Satellite Data for Poverty Prediction
  • From Social Networks to Sustainable Networks
  • Citibike Usage Balancing through Congestion Pricing
  • Phone call record data and economic prosperity
  • Smart Campus: Learning Student Movement Behaviors
  • How much work can we do at once? Opportunities in IoT

Faculty: Radu Marculescu

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