Privacy Seminar

  • Post-Doctoral Associate
  • Institute for Software Research, School of Computer Science
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Using Avatars to Safeguard Personal Information

In this presentation, I will talk about ongoing research which proposes the use of "Avatars", which are digital representations of self in the online world, as a mechanism for privacy protection. In particular, I will discuss how using avatars to represent ourselves during online registrations may safeguard our personal information from service providers and mitigate against profiling of our activity. I will share some preliminary findings from a user study we conducted. This research is ongoing so any questions and feedback are highly encouraged.

Gaurav Misra is a Post-Doctoral Associate at the Institute for Software Research (ISR) in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He completed his PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University, UK, in 2017, where his work focused on developing more user-friendly access control mechanisms in social media sites. His research focuses primarily on the design and development of usable privacy protection mechanisms. He has worked as a Postdoctoral Associate at University of New South Wales in Australia for a year before joining Carnegie Mellon University in July this year where he is currently working on the Personalized Privacy Assistants (PPA) project under the supervision of Prof. Norman Sadeh. 

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