18-743: Energy Aware Computing Poster Session

  • Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
  • Panther Hollow Conference Room 4101
Project Presentations

Want to know what is the energy consumed to run encryption/decruption algorithms?
Would you like to make memory management more intelligent?
Want to know how you can utilize FPGAs for energy-efficient image/video processing?
Then attend the 18-743 poster session!

Sample project topics (see poster for more details):

  • Power and aging evaluation of FinFT-based memory cells
  • Multiplier-less implementation of neural networks
  • Hardware accelerators for encryption/decryption algorithms on FPGA
  • Energy-efficient implementation of sparse matrix multiplication
  • Energy-efficient image/video processong on FPGA
  • Learning memory access patterns using machine learning
  • Power and performance analysis and optimzation for deep learning on 3D-stacked systems
  • Power and performance analysis of emerging non-volatile memory technologies
  • Evaluation of computation versus communication trade-off on IoT devices for speech recognition applications
  • Architectural explorations via running DNN's on architectural simulators

Faculty Host: Diana Marculescu

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