Institute for Software Research Seminar

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Computer Science
  • North Carolina State University

Programming Wats?! Bits and Oddities of Software Development

In this talk, you are traveling to another dimension, somewhere between science and superstition. There you will find the strange and bizarre realities of software development. Why does "import dashtable" in Python result in "No module named bs4". Why do you say df[1:3] in one programming language, but df[2:3,] in another programming language? Why do you study for 20+ years in school but get a job for coding quicksort on a whiteboard?  Collectively, these bits and oddities are known as "programming wats".  We will explore this world of the cognitively confusing, consider ways to overcome them, and perhaps re-imagine future realities without them

Dr. Chris Parnin is an assistant professor at North Carolina State University. His research spans the study of software engineering from empirical, human-computer interaction, and cognitive neuroscience perspectives, publishing over 60 papers. He has worked in Human Interactions in Programming groups at Microsoft Research, performed field studies with ABB Research, and has over a decade of professional programming experience in the defense industry. His research has been recognized by the SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at ICSE 2009, Best Paper Nominee at CHI 2010, Best Paper Award at ICPC 2012, IBM HVC Most Influential Paper Award 2013, CRA CCC Blue Sky Idea Award 2016. He research has been featured in hundreds of international news articles, Game Developer's Magazine, Hacker Monthly, and frequently discussed on Hacker News, Reddit, and Slashdot.

Faculty Host: Christian Kästner

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