VATIC LABS: PhD Information Session

Career Presentation

At Vatic Labs, traders, AI researchers, and technologists collaborate to develop autonomous trading agents and develop cutting-edge technology and apply it to the financial markets. The nature of the problems we work on are challenging, hence we hire some of the world's top computer scientists and researchers to develop novel AI methods and trading strategies. We are passionate about hiring the best and the brightest, empowering them with the tools and mentorship needed to be successful. Our environment is highly collaborative, fostering innovation and growth.

As a Quantitative Researcher:  You will focus on researching, developing, and applying cutting edge AI/ML and statistical models that interact directly with the financial markets, collaborate with a diverse team of academic researchers that have several thousand citations in their fields of study, as well as many team members who have won medals at IMO (gold), IOI, AMC ICPC, and others.

As an Algo Trader: You will collaborate with a team of highly successful traders in the quantitative trading sector to build algorithmic trading systems that trade across global markets, develop and optimize trading models that have direct P&L impact for the firm.

As a Software Engineer: You will build innovative technology at the forefront of low latency and distributed computing systems, have the opportunity to work on technology at all levels of the stack including everything from low level system/network development to algorithmic development (C/C++ & Python on Linux)

Come learn more about the work we do and what opportunities we offer.

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