Privacy Seminar


Next Generation Privacy Reviews

At Snap, we have a dedicated Privacy-by-Design team that constitutes of Product Counsels (lawyers) and Privacy engineers. This team is responsible for conducting Privacy analysis of features and products that Snap releases.

The dawn of stricter privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.), has not only increased the scope of our analysis but it also required us to build systems that can enforce these new stricter mandates. Enforcing these mandates requires us to know with precision, what is being collected, how it is being used, and when it is being deleted.

With that in mind, we created a new Privacy Assessment SyStem - PASS that collects information from specifications in a structured manner. This not only allows us to provide informational nudges and insight so that reviewers can rely more on prior art (approvals) instead of human memory and colloquial knowledge, but it also allows us to build systems that can enforce stricter controls around access and retention.

Dhanuja Shaji attended MSIT-Privacy Engineering program from 2016-2017. After graduating, she joined Snap Inc. as a Privacy Engineer in their dedicated Privacy team. Since then, she has worked on numerous projects such as helping Snap get ready for GDPR, conducting privacy reviews, managing the privacy incidents response program, spearheading the initiative for automating privacy reviews and thereby building a privacy assessment tool.

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