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What Millions of Processing Cores Really Means to the Programmer

As we are now building parallel Scalar/Vector/Matrix/Spatial (SVMS) architecture supercomputers at 'ExaScale', many of us designing and building supercomputing believe some of the traditional programming schemes, will continue to be available but due to the scale of these systems will be insufficient for new work. In order to bridge the gap between the reliable, traditional tools and techniques of the past and the supercomputing needs of the future, more than 30 leading companies and research organizations are working together on a FOSS concept called OneAPI (see that seeks a common development process across computer architectures.

Clem Cole is an HPC Computer Architect at Intel working with an international team of engineers in multiple time zones developing supercomputers and associated technologies.   He has degrees in EE, Math & CS from CMU and UCB.  He is one of the early UNIX/Internet developers, including helped to write one of the original TCP/IP implementations in the late 1970’s.  He is also known as one of the authors of the precursor to IM, the UNIX talk program, as well as other more humorous and notorious hacks.  He is honored to be the past President of the USENIX Association and to be the 2016 winner of the Linus Pauling Prize for Science.


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