Privacy Seminar

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Transparency Reports: Using data to shed light on governments and corporations

Google launched the first transparency report in 2010 to show users how policy impacts access to information and to inform discussions about the free flow of information online. Other companies soon followed. Over the next decade, Google added 13 more reports and expanded the scope of its original reports to include US National Security Letters and other details.

Transparency reports are more than just a website or blog post. A meaningful transparency report must include useful data that is refreshed regularly. The report should weave together data visualizations and accessible narratives to provide context to the public.

Behind the scenes, transparency reporting efforts face numerous challenges before and after they reach the public. Data quality issues, user privacy, and increased regulation are just a few of the hurdles that must be overcome.

Jay will also describe the unlikely path that took him from software engineering to law school and back before finally joining Google and eventually finding a home on the Google Transparency Report Team.

Jay  Laefer is the Tech Lead on the Google Transparency Report Team. He leads the engineering team that supports Google’s current transparency reports while also preparing Google for the rising demand for more transparency. He joined Google 12 years ago, working on YouTube and then source code control systems. Prior to Google, Jay worked for companies including Blue Coat Systems, Apple, and Cisco. Jay has a JD from Georgetown University Law Center. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

About the Seminar:  In this seminar course students, privacy professionals from industry, government, and non-profits will deliver guest lectures each semester. A few sessions will also be used to discuss recent papers/books and current public policy issues related to privacy.

In Person and Zoom Participation. See announcement.

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