GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE: Information Session

  • Gates Hillman 4401
  • In Person - Rashid Auditorium
  • Solving the world’s most important software problems
Career Presentation

Come to the Green Hills Software Info Session to hear more about the important problems they are solving, see demos, and chat with alumni!

Includes an iPad Raffle!

“The world is built with Green Hills Software, from secure cell phones to airliner flight systems. Green Hills Software is the leading provider of software tools and operating systems used to build high-reliability systems that millions of people depend on every day. When you drive a car, send a message, or board a plane, you rely on the work of thousands of programmers and designers who use our products.   We solve the most important software problems in the world. Our operating systems never fail and cannot be hacked. Our compilers produce the highest-performance code. With our debugger, programmers solve bugs in hours or minutes that otherwise take days or weeks.

Our hiring process is intense, resulting in elite teams of top engineers who can change the world. We know creativity cannot be scheduled, which is why we highly value open communication and flexible hours. Based in Santa Barbara, California, we have the finest weather and all the benefits of a highly cultural city, with no smog and no traffic. You can enjoy living in paradise while building great software. Green Hills Software was founded in 1982, is privately held, and has been profitable since its inception.”

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