Privacy Seminar

  • Hamberg Hall 1002 and Zoom
  • In Person and Virtual ET

Tracker, trackers everywhere

You are tracked nearly everywhere you go online. We'll discuss DuckDuckGo's approach to privacy protection using the latest developments in email and native mobile app privacy.

Peter Dolanjski is Director, Product at DuckDuckGo where he helps build DuckDuckGo's all-in-one privacy app. Previously, Peter was Director of Privacy & Security Products at Mozilla, where he led the shipment of Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection, Facebook Container and the Firefox Monitor data breach monitoring service. Recently, Peter also had the honor of being a technical advisor on the series finale of the HBO series Silicon Valley. As a practitioner in the privacy space, every day Peter is on the frontlines, battling for the privacy rights of consumers.

Zoom Participation. See announcement.

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