Institute for Software Research Seminar

  • Distinguished Research Staff Member, and
  • Senior Manager of the Programming Technologies Department
  • IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights

Why isn't the PL/SE Community Working on Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an important industry trend that is having significant impact on businesses.  Many computer science research communities have responded to this trend with vibrant research activities.  However, the programming languages community seems to be mostly ignoring this trend, possibly because there is a perception that there are no interesting problems to solve.

In this talk, I'll explain the motivations for the cloud computing trend, focusing on the impact on software development.  I'll explain how this impact creates many research opportunities in the traditional areas of programming languages and software engineering, giving  examples of research projects from IBM Research.

Michael Hind is a Distinguished Research Staff Member and Senior Manager of the Programming Technologies Department at the T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York.

After receiving his Ph.D. from NYU in 1991, Michael spent 7 years as an assistant/associate professor of computer science at SUNY - New Paltz and a post-doc/academic visitor at IBM Research.  For the past 17 year, Michael has been a Research Staff Member, Manager, and Senior Manager in the Programming Technologies Department at IBM Research, where he has focused on programming languages, program analysis, tools, and language optimization, with a particular focus on open source infrastructure.  His department of about 40 researchers is currently focusing on applying programming languages and software engineering expertise to cloud computing.  Michael's team has successfully transferred technology to various parts of IBM.

Michael is an ACM Distinguished Scientist, an Associate Editor of ACM TACO, has served on over 30 program committees, given talks at top universities and conferences, and co-authored over 40 publications. His 2000 paper on Adaptive Optimization was recognized as the OOPSLA'00 Most Influential Paper and his work on Jikes RVM was recognized with the SIGPLAN Software Award in 2012.

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