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  • Engineering Manager and Technical Lead
  • Dell Technologies

Analytics in Software Development Projects: The Journey from Research to Practice

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed a drastic increase in the development of metrics and analytical frameworks to study technical, social, organizational and socio-technical aspects of large scale software development projects. Despite the valuable insights that these new approaches provide, their application in practice has faced significant challenges. In this talk, I discuss these challenges and several examples of how those challenges were overcome to provide tangible benefits to software project outcomes. The examples cover geographically distributed software projects from startups to large-multinationals and across several industries.

Marcelo Cataldo is an Engineering Manager and Technical Lead at Dell Technologies. His research interests are in geographically distributed software development, software architecture and software analytics. Marcelo combines 9 years of academic research in software engineering with 12 years of experience as a software engineer, software architect and technical lead in small and large software development organizations. He holds a Ph.D. in Computation, Organizations and Society from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) and a B.Sc. in Information Systems from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Faculty Host: James Herbsleb

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