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The Spring 2021 CONNECTS Seminar Series continues the week of March 2. Among the upcoming topics to be explored:

  • Finding Follow-On Capital: Identifying and  Engaging Your Next Investors  —  Ben Garber, 7 Mile Advisors
  • Software May Eat the World, But You Still Need a Fork  —  Matt Verlinich, Innovation Works
  • Hustlenomics Way Presents Superwomen  —  Damola Idowu, EIC and Founder of Owners  Illustrated Magazine
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Angel Investing   —  Catherine Mott, BlueTree Venture Fund
  • Financial Modeling   —   Phil Compton, Locomation
  • How To Design For Production At Super Speed   —   Elijah Wiegmann, Founder of Base Design Studio
  • From Classroom to Boardroom: Turning a Class Project into a Fully Fledged Corporation  —  Alison Alvarez, BlastPoint
  • Leverage IP to Drive Business Value  —  Sreekar Gadde & Jason Somma, Blue Tree Allied Angels
  • LaunchingHardware Startups with Monozukuri, The Art of Making Things in a Creative Way — Nobuhiro Seki, Monozukuri Ventures
  • The Importance of Cash Flow  —  Kelley Lynch, CFO & VP of Operations, Othot
  • Planning and Designing a Workplace Environment that Promotes Creativity and Innovation  —  Samara Wheaton & Brian Roth, ikm
  • Franchising - Opportunities are Everywhere  —  Chris Cynkar, FranChoice
  • Leveraging Compliance-focused Infrastructure to Build Faster  —  Jason Cahill, AWS
  • TLanding Your First Five Customers  —  Alex Salazar, Neotribe Ventures
  • The Art & Science of Negotiation  —  Taya R. Cohen, PhD
  • … and more.  See SERIES WEBSITE

All CONNECTS events will be hosted virtually from 12:30-1:30 pm.

The seminar series is focused to all students, faculty and staff across campus.

Advanced REGISTRATION is required.
Zoom information to all registered attendees will be sent the day before the event.
Please note that the session will be recorded.