Joint Electricity Industry Center / SCS Seminar

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • Reddy Conference Room 4405
  • Chief Scientist
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Associate (NRECA)

Rethinking the Control of the U.S. Electric Power System

The electrical grid of North America is, in the words of Ernest Moniz, the former Secretary of Energy, “A continent spanning machine of immense complexity that is at its best when it is invisible”.  It is undergoing a fundamental change that present challenges not just in energy and electrical engineering, but in materials science, communications, public policy, computer science, and even the basic mathematics of control theory. While we tend to think of modern machines as operating under the precise control of microprocessors and computers, the grid is moving towards active control, but its vast scale and complexity and exposure to cyber and physical threat mean that conventional methods for measurement of state, fast solution of the control strategy, and implementation of the solution cannot rely on simple extension of conventional means. Fundamental advances are needed in many areas.  

This seminar, by Craig Miller,  will frame the grid control problem and identify the diverse challenges from new algorithms for solving peta-scale power flows, to machine learning, to new methods for the distributed data management to decision making under uncertainty. 

Dr. Miller is the Chief Scientist of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and organization of 900+ electric utilities.

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