Center for Informed Democracy & Social - cybersecurity: IDeaS Seminar

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  • Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Diabolicov - How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cybersecurity (and other novel ways to teach).

Traditional classroom teaching methods (colloquially: Death by Powerpoint) never worked for all students, but in the current socially distanced paradigm they just plain suck. If you're tired of listening to lectures via Zoom, doing isolated assignments without a context, and cramming for multiple choice final exams, this is the talk for you. Over the last decade Rotem Guttman has been developing radically different methods for teaching cybersecurity skills. We'll be discussing Dr. Diabolicov's attempts as world domination, Richard T. Ater's banana republic's opsec woes, remotely controlled robot droids fanning out over a city during the President's Cup Cybersecurity Competition…and maybe even play a board game together.

Rotem Guttman is a senior cybersecurity and ludological education techniques researcher at the Software Engineering Institute. Rotem is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute, and has spent nearly a decade working on improving training and education in the area of cybersecurity as a member of the Cyber Workforce Development division. His research focuses on leveraging non-traditional methods to teach cybersecurity to a broad variety of audiences. From designing board games for middle-school students to creating video games that allow teams of infantry to experience a coordinated cyber and kinetic fight, to designing unique cyber escape room experiences for elite cybersecurity practitioners across the federal workforce, Rotem enjoys exploring the limits of what learning can be, and how to push past lectures and powerpoint slide decks to reach students wherever they may be.

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Faculty Host: Kathleen Carley

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