AI and the Future of Manufacturing: A Synergetic Relationship

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  • National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSC AI) Series
Panel Discussion

Carnegie Mellon University is proud to partner with the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSC AI) in an upcoming series of virtual panel discussions to examine how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact our economy, national security and welfare. Join us to learn about the next steps that the United States must take to accelerate the pace of AI innovation and how to use AI responsibly. Register now for the first event in this series.  

The role of AI will be increasingly important to improving quality, speed and cost across manufacturing sectors by making advanced manufacturing technologies more intelligent and robust. This panel convenes experts across AI, robotics, autonomy, microelectronics, and additive manufacturing to discuss the present and future state of advanced manufacturing and prospects for domestic competitiveness.



  • Gary Fedder, Director, Manufacturing Futures Institute and Howard M. Wilkoff Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University


  • Jared Glover,  Chief Executive Officer, CapSen Robotics
  • Elizabeth Ann Holm,  Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of the Air Force Center of Excellence on Data-Driven Discovery of Optimized Multifunctional Material Systems, Carnegie Mellon University
  • The Honorable Katharina McFarland,  NSC AI Commissioner; Director, SAIC Board; Chair, Board of Army Research and Development at the National Academies of Science
  • Ira Moskowitz, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute
  • Shailesh Patkar, Director, Strategic Technology Planning & Commercialization, II-VI Incorporated

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