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  • President and Chief Executive Officer
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Career Presentation

Software That Never Fails and Cannot Be Hacked: Because our lives depend on it

Join in as a group or individually and listen to Dan O'Dowd's presentation!

Dan O’Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software and designer of the most secure OS inthe world, talks about preventing Cyber Armageddon with software that never fails and can’t be hacked.


Dan O'Dowd, founded Green Hills Software in 1982 and has been its President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Before founding Green Hills Software, Mr. O'Dowd was manager of compiler and operating system development at National Semiconductor. He joined National Semiconductor in 1978 to design the architecture for the NS32000 32-bit microprocessor. From 1976 to 1978, he worked at APh Technological Consulting developing some of the first embedded development tools for microprocessors. They were used for developing the first hand held electronic games for Mattel and Mattel's line of home video games. Mr. O'Dowd received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1976.

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