Metro21 Justice and Technology Seminar

  • Remote Access - Zoom Webinar
  • Virtual Presentation - ET
  • A Three-Part Seminar Series
Panel Discussion

Please join Metro21 as they continue the Justice and Technology Seminar Series.

The online webinar will be moderated by Karen Lightman, Metro21 Executive Director, and will feature:

Over the past decade, innovative information and communications technologies have been enabling smart city applications that are revolutionizing society as we know it and improving health and safety, often alongside community and economic development. However, there are also serious concerns about issues such as racial equity, environmental and economic justice that are (often) unintentionally negatively impacted by the technology’s rapid and often inequitable deployment. To address this inequity, faculty and students conducting smart city research need to actively engage with community stakeholders through each step of the “research, development, deployment and evaluation” lifecycle to ensure that the outcomes are equitable, sustainable, and trustworthy.


→ Includes raffling of ten copies of Tara McGuinness’ new bookPower to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology ,t o any registered participant  submitting a question by Monday, 18 October.

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