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I'm Interested. Give Me Details.

We've designed the MSPM program for early career professionals with an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering or software engineering from a top-ranked institution who want to change their career trajectory and become a product manager. This 12-month, intensive program provides you with the best of Carnegie Mellon. On one hand, you receive the technical instruction you need to be successful in a software development environment from the School of Computer Science. On the other, you'll receive the deep dive into business and marketing skills your new position will require from the Tepper School of Business.

Here's how the program breaks down.

  • Length: 12 months, full-time.
  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Start Date: January.

Course Sequence

The program is divided into two semesters, beginning in January, with an internship required during the summer.

First Semester (January–May)
  • Full Semester
    • Business Fundamentals (12 units, Tepper)
    • Digital Service Innovation (12 units, HCII)
  • First Mini
    • Principles of Product Management (6 units, Tepper)
    • Organizational Behavior  (6 units, Tepper)
    • Marketing for High-Tech Product Management (6 units, Tepper)
  • Second Mini
    • Business Communications for Complex Decision Making (6 units, Tepper)
    • HCI for Product Management (6 units, HCII)
    • Introduction to Data Science for Product Management (6 units, Tepper)
Summer Internship (May–August)

During the summer semester, you must complete an approved internship in product management and enroll in a three-unit class that meets weekly via video. The summer internship course helps integrate the lessons from your courses into your work, gives you an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the theories and techniques you've been taught and your experience on the job, and allows you to work with the instructor and other students to address challenges you're facing at your internship. Participating in the course will also help build a professional network of colleagues working in the field.

Final Semester (August–December)

In your final semester, you'll return to the Pittsburgh campus, where you'll complete a capstone experience and dive deeply into advanced technical courses and business electives.
  • Capstone Project (12 units, full semester, SCS)
  • Service Design (12 units, full semester, HCII)
  • Technical depth elective (12 units, full semester, SCS)
  • Tepper electives (12 units, typically two mini-length courses, Tepper)
  • Optional free electives (0-12 units, Tepper or SCS)

Throughout the entire program, you'll work with expert coaches in the Tepper School's Accelerate Leadership Center to hone your communication and interpersonal skills. (You can read the course descriptions in this PDF.)

Here's what it costs.

Aggregate tuition for the MSPM program is just under $65,000 for students who began in January 2018 and follow the recommended enrollment pattern. This cost covers tuition only and does not include university fees, summer electives or other miscellaneous expenses. A thorough breakdown of tuition and other estimated education-related costs may be found in this PDF.

Financial aid available for the MSPM program includes federal and private eduction loans. Financial aid is administerered by the Tepper School Graduate Financial Aid Office. When applying for loans, you MUST use the Tepper School codes. DO NOT use the Carnegie Mellon codes. 

Federal Loan Application Process — Use Code  E00074

Private Loan Application Process — Use Code  003242-02 

Learn more about financial aid on the Tepper School's website, or email

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