U.S. Digital Service

Career Presentation

Public Service at the “Startup in the White House”: The United States Digital Service

Enter the United States Digital Service. We partner leading technologists with dedicated public servants to improve the usability and reliability of our government's most important digital services.  The mission of the U.S. Digital Service is to deliver better government services to the American people through technology and design.

You are invited to chat with Michael Boyce, a “Bureaucracy Hacker” at the United States Digital Service. The United States Digital Service is a startup based in the White House that was originally founded under the Obama administration to rescue Healthcare.gov.  Since then its mission has expanded to across the federal government: making it easier for veterans and immigrants to apply for services, building the next generation of GPS, helping students apply for loans, sponsoring the first ever “Hack the Pentagon,” and much more.

New employees are given senior-level federal government positions from day one and are empowered to work across different agencies and departments. Generally, USDS targets individuals who have significant professional or academic experience, such as Phd. or Master’s level students. However, undergraduates are welcome to attend as well.

For general background, you can learn more about USDS at www.usds.gov .

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