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Namesort ascending Title Office Email Phone
Sycara, Katia Research Professor 1602D Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-8825
Swihart, Thomas Lead Mechanical Engineer 37A National Robotics Engineering Center

Swedberg, Matthew Non Exempt Technical 247 National Robotics Engineering Center

Swayamdipta, Swabha Graduate Research Assistant

Swaminathan, Saiganesh Graduate-Research Assistant 4501 Newell-Simon Hall

Sutner, Klaus Teaching Professor 6015 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-8510
Sutanto, Andre Mechanical Engineer 37A National Robotics Engineering Center

Surve, Trisha Research Assistant

Suresh Kumar, Swarun Kumar Affiliated Faculty

Suresh, Sudharshan Msr Student 2205 Newell-Simon Hall

Suppe, Arne Phd Student 4621 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-3818
Sunshine, Joshua Courtesy Systems Scientist 5317 Wean Hall

(412) 268-1097
Sun, Lu Research Assistant 2602G Newell-Simon Hall

Sun, Yihan Graduate Research Assistant 7010 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-7913
Sun, Wen Phd Student 214 Smith Hall

(412) 268-3818
Sun, Syuan-Cheng Research Assistant

Sun, Xi Msr Student 235 Smith Hall

Sun, Scott Msr Student 235 Smith Hall

Sullivan, Brett Procurement Specialist 3613 Wean Hall

(412) 268-3313
Sukthankar, Rahul Adjunct Faculty

Sukkerd, Roykrong Graduate-Research Assistant 4125 Wean Hall

Suggala, Arun Sai Graduate Research Assistant 8206 Gates and Hillman Centers

Suay, Halit Senior Robotics Engineer 235 National Robotics Engineering Center

Su, Qiao Graduate Research Assistant 7603 Gates and Hillman Centers

Su, Xuannan Teaching Assistant for Comptuer Science Gates and Hillman Centers

Striner, Alina Visitor 4602 Newell-Simon Hall

Stretcu, Otilia Graduate Research Assistant 8227 Gates and Hillman Centers

Story, Peter Graduate Research Assistant 4127 Wean Hall

Stojanov, Petar Graduate Research Assistant 8129 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-8078
Stockhausen, Paul Senior Manager, SCS Building Facilities 4105 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-8223
Stiles, Charlotte Research Associate I 111 College of Fine Arts

(412) 268-2409
Stidle, Diane Graduate Program Manager 8001 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-1299
Stewart, Craig Graduate Research Assistant Gates and Hillman Centers

Stevenson, Owen Graduate Research Assistant Collaborative Innovation Center

Stetten, George Adjunct Faculty A525 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 624-7762
Stetser, Ann Research Associate II 7123 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-3505
Sterling, Jonathan Graduate Research Assistant 9225 Gates and Hillman Centers

Stentz, Anthony Research Professor 211 National Robotics Engineering Center

(412) 268-8155
Stenger, Nicole Academic Program Manager 7414 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-3779
Stelmakh, Ivan Graduate Research Assistant 8221 Gates and Hillman Centers

Steinfeld, Aaron Associate Research Professor

(412) 268-6346
Stein, Benjamin Research Associate I 2504 Newell-Simon Hall

Stehlik, Mark Assistant Dean for Outreach; Teaching Professor 6205 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-6273
Steenkiste, Peter Professor of Computer Science And Electrical And Computer Engineering 9107 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-3261
Stecklein, John Technician II 14 National Robotics Engineering Center

Stech, Mary Administrative Assistant 8008 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-6869
Stawarz, Steven Technical Project Manager 272 National Robotics Engineering Center

Staszel, Brian Multimedia Designer/Manager 3201 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-3807
Starzl, Ravi Assistant Teaching Professor 6701 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-8425
Stanley, Jessica Alumni/Corporate Relations Coordinator 207 300 South Craig Street

(412) 268-4691