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Namesort ascending Title Office Email Phone
Huang, Shihong Special Faculty 4102 Wean Hall

Hu, Zhengyu Teaching Assistant

Hsieh, Jane Graduate Research Assistant 317 Tcsh

Hilton, Michael Associate Teaching Professor And Faculty Coordinator, Undergraduate Teaching 342 Tcsh

Higgins, Helen Manager, Employment Processes 449 Tcsh

(412) 268-1335
Herbsleb, James Department Head, ISR 448 Tcsh

(412) 268-8933
Hellendoorn, Vincent Assistant Professor 320 Tcsh

Heidari, Hoda Assistant Professor

Gouni, Hemant Intern

Gong, Yezhen Teaching Assistant

Goel, Mayank Assistant Professor

Gennari, Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor

(412) 268-1404
Garrod, Charlie Associate Teaching Professor 343 Tcsh

(412) 268-5176
Garrett, Kalil Graduate Research Assistant 444 Collaborative Innovation Center

Garlan, David Associate Dean for Masters Programs; Professor 4218 Wean Hall

(412) 268-5056
Garimella, Praveen Visitor 5111 Wean Hall

(412) 268-7170
Gallardo, Andrea Graduate Research Assistant 444 Collaborative Innovation Center

Gafford, Benjamin Graduate Research Assistant 411 Tcsh

Fung, Clement Graduate Research Assistant Collaborative Innovation Center

Fu, Zhifeng Teaching Assistant

Frollini, Nick Communications Instructor 447 Tcsh

(412) 268-5359
Fredrikson, Matt Assistant Professor; Associate Professor 2126 Collaborative Innovation Center

(608) 262-6628
Flaherty, Beverly Senior Program Manager, Executive Education 341 Tcsh

(412) 268-8065
Fernandes Gomes, Luis Graduate Research Assistant 311 Tcsh

Feffer, Michael Graduate- Research Assistant 443 Tcsh

Farber, David Adjunct Professor of Internet Studies Wean Hall

Fang, Hongbo Graduate Research Assistant 313 Tcsh

Fang, Fei Assistant Professor 321 Tcsh

Evans, Morgan Graduate Research Assistant 317 Tcsh

Estep, Samuel Graduate-Research Assistant 412 Tcsh

Eslami, Motahhare Assistant Professor

Eppinger, Jeffrey Professor of The Practice 445 Tcsh

(412) 268-7688
Durschmid, Tobias Graduate Research Assistant 413 Tcsh

Du, Yinuo Graduate Research Assistant 347 Tcsh

Dramko, Luke Graduate Research Assistant 443 Tcsh

Dong, Yilin Teaching Assistant

Dipple, Stephen Post Doctoral Associate 461 Tcsh

Ding, Lei Teaching Assistant

Ding, Jinglun Teaching Assistant

De Reno, Monika Deputy Director 449 Tcsh

(412) 268-9822
Davis, Matthew Graduate Research Assistant 412 Tcsh

Czapik, Mike Research Associate

Cuevas Villalba, Alejandro Graduate Research Assistant Collaborative Innovation Center

Cruickshank, Iain Adjunct Assistant Professor

Cranor, Lorrie Co-Director, Msit-Privacy Engineering Program; Professor 2107 Collaborative Innovation Center

(412) 268-7534
Cooper, Jennifer Course Coordinator/Administrative Associate 433 Tcsh

(412) 268-1202
Chu, Simon Graduate Research Assistant 417 Tcsh

Christin, Nicolas Associate Professor; Director, Societal Computing Ph.D.Program

(412) 268-4432
Chouhan, Arence Teaching Assistant

Chordia, Lalit Project Collaborator 5315 Wean Hall