Essential CS Skills

Learn the tools and skills that will be required throughout your computer science courses at CMU.

Save time, and focus on what is important: the content of the course. Brush up your skills by checking these resources:


Are you on your internship search and would like to start a connection with people working at a certain company?

There are amazing networking opportunities available to you at CMU. This is a compilation of our favorite ones:

Professional Development

Schedule career counseling appointments, and get help with everything from developing a job search strategy and editing your resume, to preparing for networking conversations and interviews and negotiating offers!

Mental Health

You are brilliant, otherwise you would not have made it to CMU! However, if you find yourself struggling with mental health problems, you simply will not be able to perform your best.

Take advantage of CMU resources to get yourself back to performing your best, and making your CMU experience memorable:

  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS): safe, confidential environment for students to talk about personal and academic concerns
  • Lean On Me: need to talk with someone right now? This peer-to-peer support hotline is ready for you; get support in just a few minutes


Other resources you might find useful.